Jun 27, 2012

Threads of Love~

Love can come in many different "threads". 

Through the love of a parent........

A child.......

A spouse.....

A sibling....

A friend......

A co-worker.....

A pastor......

And a entire church family.

But what happens when one of those threads break?

When one of our "threads" causes hurt in our lives?

The breaking can come through hurtful words, actions, disrespect, lack of communication, lies and deciet.
 It can happen intentionally and UN-intentioanlly....

The point is......It does happen.

When I look at my "threads of love" in  life, I see where they come from all areas of life.

(My parents, my children, my old friends, my new friends, my mentors, my children's friends, my neices/nephews, my sibilings)

Each are a different color thread that represents what and who they mean to me. And yes they have been times when certain ones have broke in my life. they were either snipped, ripped,  or torn  from me.

There are some "threads" that come for just a short season......

 And some that come for the duration.

There are threads that God himself will remove from our lives. They come in for a season and then He moves them. ( I have been known to struggle with the loss of those)

It is through the tapestry of life that we experience love in many colors..... "Threads Of Love"

Over the years, I have come to realize, my biggest, brightest, strongest "thread" of love is..... JESUS !!

He never breaks, he never leaves me, he never comes unraveled, he is never torn from me.

HE is always there!!

Every minute of every day~

Woven more into my life as I continue to seek Him and His love for me.

He builds me up.....

He holds me up.....

He leads me.....

He surrounds me....

He embraces me....

He enjoys me.....

He cares for me.....

He is concerned for and about me......


He loves us ALL!!!

It doesn't matter how many threads of love break in my life, His thread remains!! Never to be broken, ripped or torn.

For all the broken threads in my life.....

I am thankful.

For all the threads that have endured.....

I am grateful.

For the threads that have preservered.....

I am blessed.

You all have made my tapestry in life a beautiful place to be~

I encourage you all to embrace each thread of love in your life, and allow God's thread to stand out , as it is through him we are made whole and complete~

Much love~

Deuteronomy 31:8
The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."


  1. I enjoyed reading your post it was beautiful.

  2. Stacey - what a great post. Such a truth here. You are going to make me favourite your whole blog soon :)
    God bless
    (ps - you are a precious thread in my tapestry)

  3. Thank you ladies for such sweet comments!!

    Many Blessings to you all~

    ps Tracy...Ditto girl!

  4. I have always like the idea of the tapestry ... all those messy thread ... from the back. But when you turn it over ... a beautiful masterpiece.


Your comments are always a Blessing~