Apr 26, 2012

Joy, Joy, Joy~

I've got the JOY JOY JOY JOY down in my heart......


I remember this song as a child in Sunday school. I also remember singing this little tune with my children .

Such a small word, but yet a huge emotion.

We are joyful when we achieve a goal, when we are promoted, our bank accounts are plentiful,  and our relationships are strong and stable.

We are joyful when all of our roads are smooth sailing.....

When our health is perfect.....

When our children succeed.....

When everything in our world is going "our" way, we are joyful.

But what about in times of hardships?

When we are experiencing growing pains?

When our children are hurting?

Are we joyful during these times?

I know for myself it's hard to be joyful when I have struggles in life. Even though I pray, stand on God's word, I am not joyful. I experience emotions such as irritation, anger, sadness, frustration, loneliness, despair and heartache.

This past season I have been walking through has left me at times exhausted and overwhelmed.

Joyful, not so much.....

Oh I can put on my happy face just as the next person can. I can go through my day with a smile on my face and positive words rolling off my tongue.

No, I am not trying to be fake, or hide behind a mask. I purpose to be positive even though my inside  emotions are not "joyful". And believe me it is during these times when having the joy of the Lord seems impossible to me.

So I put on my happy face and speak those thing into existence as though they were, because nothing is impossible through Christ.

Joyful? .....

Still a work in progress......

I had yet to truly understand the joy of the Lord when my days were filled with bumps in the road, mountains that stood in my way and on some days tears that would not stop.

It was then that as I began to speak to my daddy God, He showed me what true joy is, HIS joy.
He reminded me of where I had been in life and where I am now. He reminded me of His promises to me and even gave me a glimpse of the light at the end of a certain tunnel I have been walking through.

Yes this tunnel that has seemed to go on forever.....

There is a light, His light~

My joy came as I listened to my daughter share her day. At that moment I was full of joy for her and saw where God's changes in her precious little world where unfolding.

I began to see where the hurdles she had to jump, she jumped.....By his grace~

The mountain that needed to be moved, has been moved.....By his mercy~

Praise God!!!! ( I got the joy joy joy down in my heart )  :)

The joy in my heart became a Godly joy, not just a temporary feel good moment. . It was a heart felt release for this momma to see God move in her life in only a way that he can. I then realized that is the way He feels about his children. When we press in and press forward and make it through the valley, His joy is overflowing.

The "joy of the Lord" is knowing that no matter what, he is in control. I am to praise him regardless of my circumstances. It is through him and him alone our mountains are moved, our hurdles are jumped, and our roads are smoothed.

His joy is our strength to be over comers!!

I encourage anyone that is not feeling the "joy" today, praise him, sing a song of gladness in spite of your emotions. Purpose in your heart to have  HIS joy and become an over comer!!!

Much Love~


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