Jan 12, 2015

He Meets Me Right Where I Am

I can remember when my girls  were learning to walk, ride a bike or any activity that could or would cause them to lose balance and fall, one cry from their little lips and this Mom would run to them. 

I did not expect them to get up and limp their way over to me......
I did not sit and wait for the bloody scrapped knees to stop bleeding or the tears to stop streaming. 
I would meet them right where they were, wiping their tears, kissing their sweet cheeks and cleaning their little wounds. 
A mamma's heart is most sensitive to the cries of her children. 

I have learned over the years my daddy God does the same for me. 
My injury may be an emotional one or a physical one, but no matter the type, He meets me where I am. Just as I ran to my girls, He runs to me.
He doesn't sit by and wait for me to come limping to him.

He doesn't wait for my "bloody scrapped knees" to stop bleeding.
He comes to me with His bandages of mercy in hand, His healing ointment of restoration on his finger tips, and His unconditional love full of grace. 

Just as a mother will run to her child that has fallen, a child with scrapped bloody knees and tears, our daddy God does the same for His children. 
He is always there to pick us up, tend to our wounds and encourage us to keep going. 

We have been given  His promises. Words that can not and will not return void. 
 Deuteronomy 31:6 tells us,   He will never leave us nor forsake us. 

Over the course of my life I have noticed I still have my moments when I fall instead of crying out to my daddy God, I limp aimlessly in circles trying to mend my wounds on my own. 

I do not do it intentionally, I guess that is where my control issue comes it....
I am still a work in progress.

I had to learn  He wants to be there for my little spills in life just as He wants to be there for the large ones. 
It doesn't matter how hard or soft I fall.....
  How bleak my situation may seem.....
No matter how bloody or bruised I become......
 With one cry from my lips.....
He is there.

Psalm 34:17
The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them;
 he delivers them from all their troubles

He Meets Me Right Where I Am~


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