Sep 14, 2015

E- Encouraged When Broken

I misplace my glasses constantly. 
They have been found on counter tops, bed side tables, my car, window sill, back patio and even  in the freezer. 
 I have been told many times to purchase a chain to keep them securely around my neck. However I just can't seem to bring myself to buy the "granny" chain.  
I do not see it as being vain, I see it as a woman who has not yet reached that status in my life. 
I am a grandmother, but I am a young grandmother. 

I lost my glasses again over the weekend and sadly I am having to use my broken pair to work with until I can get a new pair. 
( It was a time issue this morning and I just didn't have it )
They are a little crooked on my face, fall off if I bend down to far, but they are getting the job done for now. 
The lenses are still in great shape and the missing arm tends to be the only blemish . In spite of their brokenness, they are still usable; They still have value. 

This morning as I prayed, my daddy God showed me, even in my brokenness, regardless of my blemishes, I am still of value. 
He uses our circumstances and failures to shine forth his glory and power of redemption. 
 He allows others to see exactly who He is and just how big He is in the midst of it all. 
He not only sends others to encourage me through my trials, He also extends love and grace through it all. 
This morning I read a devotional that encouraged me tremendously. 

" God found Gideon in a hole. He found Joseph in a prison. 
He found Daniel in a lions den. 
He has a curious habit of showing up in the midst of trouble, not the absence. 
Where the world sees failure, God see future. 
Next time you feel unqualified to be used by God, remember this.....
He tends to recruit from the pit, not the pedestal. "

"Where the world sees failure, GOD sees FUTURE!!" 
Such awesome encouragement!!
I am learning there is never total brokenness in life. 
What the enemy means for evil and destruction , God always  turns to good and restoration. 

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 

Isaiah 54:17
No weapon formed against you shall prosper, 
And every tongue which rises against you in judgement
You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, 
And their righteousness is from Me,
Says the Lord. 

As for me and my broken glasses, they have already been replaced. 
I was blessed to have a precious friend drop me off a brand new pair. 
Notice the bling on the side? 
My glasses have been restored and with a much better pair. 
Yep I am doing my happy dance !!
And possibly thinking about a granny chain purchase. 
Maybe ......

My lesson today came from a broken pair of glasses. 
My daddy God used to speak to my heart and reminded me our value does not diminish in the brokenness. 
 It increases as He works through us. 
It is Christ within that does the molding and changing

No matter the brokenness in your life right now.....
You are valuable....
Your circumstances are usable for the greater purpose......
He will raise you up and out....
You will be redeemed and restored.....
In doesn't matter if you are in a hole, a prison, or a lions den.....
Your "pit" will be a testimony of Gods tremendous love for you!!

Be encouraged today. 
Keep believing.
Look beyond your brokenness.
Feel His love.
Accept His grace.
Receive your blessings!!

E- Encouraged When Broken~




  1. God recruits from the pit not the pedestal-Awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing your insights. It was an encouragement to me!!

  2. Hi Stacey, wow, such a great analogy. I think we often think we are not good enough for God, or for Him to use us, or for that matter, to help us. I too love that quote, from the pit not the pedestal. Tweet worthy :)
    God bless my friend


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