Sep 28, 2011

New seasons in life.....

Today I on my way to work, I begin to think about when God began speaking to me about moving. I had been living in Texas for the last 12 years and the thought of moving back home was exciting. However for my teenage daughter, not so much. There are times when God is moving us into a new season that he only gives us bits and pieces of this change. As an adult it can be challenging but for a teenage girl it can be devastating to see the only world she knows to be ,in her mind, turned upside down. I agreed with God that I would follow his lead and go where he wanted us. I starting preparing Chelsea a year ahead of time that we would be moving. My downfall to this was I gave her a time frame. I told her we wouldn't go until she graduated. Well that was a mistake on my part. See God spoke to me and asked me,"why are you putting a time line on me? It's my time not yours" I said OK Lord,but she really wants to graduate with her friends. He came back and said again to me, "It's my time frame not yours" I then began to prepare Chelsea for this move in God's time frame. I explained to her moving into a new season,to continue to have God's favor on our lives. To make a longer story shorter, we moved two weeks after her sophomore year began. I continued to stress having faith in God's plan even though I knew not all the details. There as been several bumps in the road for this new season we have been moved into, however the one thing I know to be true is that God moved us, he has a plan for us and his way is better than ours even when we don't see all the pieces. God tells us in
Hebrews 11:1 " Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,the evidence of things not seen.

We may not see all that God has for us in this new season as of yet,nor completely understand his time frame. But we do have faith that he is in total control and all that he has promised will come to pass. Hebrews chapter 11 tells us how so many had faith in what God's plans were even though they did not have all the pieces. I have told Chelsea that for all the bumps in this road of change, God is building our character.
So when any of you find that a new season is coming,  and it's a little painful,continue to have faith in God's plan for you even if you don't see all the pieces, knowing that he is building your character for greater things.


  1. Melissa Mancuso Delage :)September 28, 2011 at 3:17 PM

    Hey girl, it is amazingly wonderful what you both are doing! I pray God richly blesses your ministry, and your lives for the bold step you are taking for His kingdom. Love you my friend.

  2. Thank you Melissa! The more "prayer warriors" the better! Love you much my friend!


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