Sep 28, 2011

Cast Your Cares And Leave Them There!

Have you ever run on a conveyor belt going in the opposite way that it's moving? That pretty much sums up a large part of my life. Running until I thought my legs would fall off and getting NOWHERE!!! That's what happened when I was running away from being the person God had called me to be. It was exhausting and stressful and definitely a waste of time. When I finally, and I do mean finally, listened to that still small voice and made up my mind to be obedient to it, things changed! Yes, I still have the same job, same bills, and the same day to day routine; but my heart is LIGHT! The Word says to "cast your care onto me, because I care for you." I'm not burdened by the stress of "What if's", and "if onlys". My Lord shall supply all of my needs according to His riches and glory. One of the great perks of being an obedient Child of God.  So just a word of encouragement to any who may feel down, the Lord wants so much for us, he doesn't want to see us down and out, he wants to see us joyous and peaceful. Cast your care onto Him... and DON'T go back and pick up the problem you just laid at His feet. Believe that as you ask Him to take care of it, that He WILL! I know, you/re going to say, "It's not that easy-or-you wouldn't say that if you knew my problems." Yes, I would. God is a BIG God, and he's bigger than all of our circumstances!! And best of all.......He loves us with an unending love..

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