Nov 12, 2012

Men who never change their ways.....................

"Men who never change their ways have no fear of God." Psalm 55:19

I've shaken my fist at God before, wondering why He's pointing out yet another thing in my life needing to be changed. 

"I'm tired, Lord. Are there really that many things about me that are wrong? Is there anything in me that is right?"

Have you ever had conversations like that with God? Thinking about my first post for "She Stands," words from Psalm 55:19 came to mind.  Fear of God and the resolve to change behavior are the reasons I can stand after battling the enemy in life's trials.

After coming through years of conflict and turmoil, our family is standing today. What began in me as reactionary responses to a strong-willed child in early years of parenting turned into explosive power struggles during rebellious teen years with one of my children.I never dreamed I had such anger inside of me, but it poured over my soul and spirit, coming out in hurtful,damaging words to a child I dearly loved. Many times I crawled into bed at night, asking God for forgiveness, wondering if His mercies would be new the next morning.


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You will be blessed, I promise!!!!!

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