Jan 12, 2012

Stressed Much?

I have to laugh as I post this picture. I know that there are days when I actually look this!! For those that know me well, ( Diana, along with several of my close friends and family) can tell you I pretty much look look this "pre-coffee".

However I am a big enough girl to admit there are days regardless of how much coffee I have had, I STILL look like this! My girls will ask me if I've had my monthly "hormone shot" yet, and of course that just sends me into orbit ( which means no I haven't had my monthly hormone shot yet).

In reality I do have days that look like this picture in spite of my "hormone" level and my coffee intake. However I have to ask myself, does looking and acting in this manner fix my surrounding circumstances? Does my "stress" behavior erase my daily issues?

When I allow myself to get to the point of my hair standing straight up, my teeth clinched and yes sometimes smoking steaming from my ears, I am now standing in the natural and allowing my hope in the Lord to be overshadowed by my flesh.

 Unfortunetly those around me get to experience my "stress" behavior. And there are times when my daughter is ready to run for the hills along with our little dog! ( Thank goodness she is a tough one and usually just responds to me with a " ok momma' )

I am so glad my  Lord knows my heart and my breaking points! He knows his daughter so well and will whisper in my heart his loving words and remind me how to handle days that I look like I belong in another dimension. He takes me back to "Hope" and away from "Stress".

Psalm 33.22
" May your unfailing love be with us, LORD,even as we put hope in you. "

So when when you face days that resemble the picture from above, just as I do, listen for HIS voice and allow him to bring you  back to "HOPE". 

Much Love~

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