Jan 10, 2012

Running into 2012

Wow, 2012 is here! It seems the older I get the faster the years seem to fly by. However when I have walked through the different seasons of life this past year, it seemed some of them would never end. When I looked back over 2011 and all the different trials, struggles, joys and accomplishments, I have come to realize it was a year of repositioning for me from my 'Daddy" God. Of course I had asked him on several occasions was he ever going to be through. I would see him in my mind throwing his head back and with a small chuckle and saying in a loving voice " My daughter, I'll never be through with you!" I know he has a destiny for me,however for him to get me to that place he has to "reposition" me.
My thought process has to be "replaced", my actions have  to" replaced",and in some situations my "people choices" may need to be "replaced" And my faith level has to be repositioned to a higher level. There have been days in the past year when I felt as though I couldn't take another step. From financial struggles, to job changes, to raising a teenage daughter ( and the second go around is not any easier than the first time ) and helping her deal with her own struggles as she begins to flap her little wings to leave the "nest". However with all the "repositioning" and "replacing", when I look back I can see where for the first time in my adult life, I stood where God placed me. Even in some of my most tired-some times, when the attacks came from ALL sides, I stood on God's promises and allowed him to move my feet. For those who have known me , know that was hard for me to do. I have always been the kind of person not to wait on anything. If it came to something I wanted, I was going to make it happen no matter the cost. So many times that lead to a disastrous outcome for me growing up. 

Revelation 3:8 tells us " I know your deeds, See I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut, I know you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name."

When times are rough and we continue to stand on God's word , he opens doors NO ONE can shut.
So I have decided since I walked into 2011 believing God's will be done in my life no matter my struggles, I will run into 2012 with the full knowledge and FAITH that ALL his promises will come to pass.Just as he is doing that for me, I believe he is doing that for us all. I can feel in my spirit that God has some overwhelming, wonderful blessings for us all in 2012! I am lacing up my running shoes and ready to run into my blessings my "Daddy" God has for me!

Much Love~

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