Jul 17, 2012

Broken and still usable~

These are my favorite reading glasses.The frame is cracked and the arms are all wiggly. So much that the lens could literally fall out at any given time.

I refuse to send them to the trash can. It doesn't matter that I have another pair in perfect condition..... I love these glasses!!!
And for that reason alone, I keep them.

The crack doesn't make them any less usable to me. The wiggly arms are tightened daily and yet I still put them on my face.

Me and my face love these glasses and regardless of their imperfections, they are still usable to me~

As a child of God I too have cracks and imperfections in my life. I have had tragedies,hardships, and failures. I have wiggly arms that need to be tightened daily ( emotions) and a lens that needs to be held in place on occasions. (my heart)

But the good news is.....GOD can and will still use me!!!

He has taken my tragedies and turn them into testimonies......
He has taken my hardship, and failures and turn them to good.....
He has taken my heart in the palm of his hand and place a balm of Gilead over it. 

All because ......HE LOVES ME!!
~happy dance...happy dance~

He doesn't see any brokenness in my life as a reason to throw me in the trash.
Instead He sees me as a testimony of His Glory!
His power and grace....
His love and mercy....
His healing and restoration...

Our daddy God doesn't see any of his children's brokenness as a reason to throw us away.

~Whew~  I am so forever grateful!

Aren't you?? :)

 As I placed my "broken" glasses on my face to blog this post, I was reminded.....

God does not call the equipped.....HE EQUIPS THE CALLED!!!

I want to encourage you all, no matter the brokenness you may have endured in life, You are still usable for God's kingdom, to be a beacon of light for those who feel as though they are unworthy of love and grace.  

And most importantly, You are loved!!!!

Much love~

Psalm 17:8
Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings


  1. I love that Stacey! LOVE! It's so right. God made us, so he knows our weaknesses (ie the screw that needs tightening on your glasses), but He still uses us and love us.

  2. Hi Stacey - I love this post. So true. And I feel sometimes the more broken, the more He uses us. right now I feel peaceful and.... I kind of have nothing to say. But when I am going through tough stuff, it pours out. I'm going to be facebooking this one...
    God bless

  3. Thank you ladies!! You both are such an encouraging source for me!!! God bless you both :)

    ps....Tracy we must do coffee/tea one of this days, together :)

  4. Doesn't it feel goooood??? Love you girl!! Keep writing! :)

  5. Hi Stacey ~ I found your blog on Facebook thru Tracy. I'm so glad she posted it there. Looking forward to reading more as I have enjoyed all I have read so far.


  6. I love the, Stacey. God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. So many times I'm like Moses--But, but, but...thinking I'm not equipped. This challenged me to change my thinking...

  7. Chelle~
    Thank you! I am touched that you took the time to read our blog! Keep coming back :)

  8. Pamela~I can identify with the "Moses" feeling. I am so glad you stopped by and thank you for your sweet comment! I too have had to change my thinking :)


    ps.... We are now a new follower to your blog! Loved what I read :)


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