Aug 24, 2012

Steps to Blessings~

Walking up steps is not one of my favorite things to do. I'd rather take the escalator or elevator if possible.

I know that sounds lazy.

OK, I admit it is lazy on my part~

I like things to be simple, quick and efficient. When a process becomes long and tedious, there are times I become stressed and frustrated.

My expressions become more of a " Come on already" kinda statement rather than a leisure walk up the steps enjoying the pace.

And when I am stopped at a certain step.......Oh let's just say my frustration can be very apparent.

I see my halted steps as a track jam in my life.


Our Daddy God sees more...............

Psalm 37:23

23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,
And He delights in his way.

Wait a minute.....The steps, the ones I am taking and trying so hard to climb are actually ordered by you Lord???

But whyyyyyyyyyy????? ( Yes I am now whinning~)

"Lord, you told me and promised me these certain blessings were coming. why won't you just place a beautiful neat bow on them and deliver them to my door now???

I'm tired Lord.......

It's too much.......

The steps are too big.......

I have been climbing these steps forever LORD!!!!

How much further?????

And then in His wonderful, loving way, He shows me.

The steps are a process to my blessings~

He is not preparing the blessing for me, BUT preparing me for my blessing!!

My blessing is already there, signed and sealed. However if I am not prepared I would not be able to handle my blessing~

My daddy God allowed me to see this yesterday through the sermon " Stay on Track " by Bishop TD Jakes.

( I love when my daddy God sends the words I need to hear)

Bishop Jakes states .......

"A blessing given too soon, is not a blessing at all."

" When we get what is ours too soon, we can not handle it. "

We must go through the process, the steps that are ordered by our daddy God!!

I know the process at times can be uncomfortable, the steps can seem to get bigger with each one we take, but once again a blessing given too soon is not a blessing at all~

Why wouldn't it be a blessing? It's mine......
And God is given it to me......

Because we are not prepared...........
( Imagine giving the keys to your car to your 5 year old and having them drive your car)

Are you are waiting as I am on a promised blessing from our daddy God? Do you feel as though you can't go any further?? Is your process becoming heavy??

Maybe it's a financial blessing you are waiting on......
( If you are unable to handle small, you can't can't big)

A relationship.............
( If you are holding on to a broken heart, you can't receive a love ordained by God)

A job................
( If you are unwillingly to change directions,you can't see the beauty of a new path)

A healing...............
( Are you willing to give up certain lifestyles?)

A restoration within your family...................
( Are you still harbouring unforgiveness and anger?)

I encourage you to continue to walk the steps ordered by Him, and remember He has to process you before you can promote you~

Because in the end, we want to be able to embrace our blessing with joy, the way it is meant to be from our Lord~

Much Love~


* You can watch  TD Jakes The Potters House. "Stay on Track " sermon on *


  1. I love this !!!! It is so true. With me not having much patience, wanting things right now, this shows me to slow down, and enjoy the path I'm on. God is so good!!!!

  2. Hi Stacey - wow, now when I start whinging when walking or going through my daily steps I'm going to try remember God has ordered my steps and enjoy them instead of wish them away. Great encouragement sweet friend.
    God bless


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