Jul 18, 2012

Overdrawn and Deposits~

 I dislike balancing my checking account, ok I despise it. ~sigh~
It is by far one of my least favorite tasks. Just like so many these days, my account is a pay check to pay check type of   balance.  I find myself praying by Wednesday of each week that I have enough to cover my bills and daily living.
Each week God comes through like the champ He is and provides for me and my daughter. And even though he is faithful to me, I still find myself at stress levels that are unbearable at times. It is the negative, the big red mark that will appear in my account that leaves me in knots. 
Trying to make it through a week with only $20 left in my account is a negative to me. It tells me that I don’t have anything in case of an unexpected expense or not enough to carry over for the next weeks bills.  
And again, my daddy God provides for me every time……

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                                       Much Love~

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  1. Today, I have $19.46 in my account. And payday is Friday. I know this anxiety. I am learning to trust...it is humanly hard but He does provide. Not everything WE think we need, but what HE knows we need. Trusting.......


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