Apr 19, 2012


There are some battles in our lives God will send us out to fight with blazing swords, with His words on our tongues,and a spirit of readiness. Then we have many battles that we come across in life He instructions us to remain still.

I don't know about you, but for me there have been times when he has instructed me to be "still", the need to make the situation right intensifies. I want to go blazing in the night to get the justice I feel is deserving.
Notice I said  " I......

I have actually argued with God telling him what "I" was going to say to the person or persons the battle was with. How wrong their words were, how they need to get ALL the facts before making statments etc etc etc....

I feel sure what my Daddy God heard  went womething like this........

" But God...blah blah blah....and then they said....blah blah blah,,,and then they did..blah blah blah...and I want them to know....BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! "

Ok like he didn't already know what was said, done and how it was done. But becasue he loves me, his daughter with a everlasting undying love, he lets me argue just a tad :)

Whether it is for myself, my children, a dear friend, or family member..... I am ready!!

However my daddy God says something different.

Exodus 14:14

New International Version (NIV)
14 The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

For those who truly know me can tell you, for me to be still ( hush my mouth) is extremely hard!
Even  harder when it comes to one of my girls. It is common knowledge that a mom will go to battle with anyone over one of her babies, and I am no exception :)

However I can tell you that through God's amazing grace , the last several months I have been instructed to " be still" and be still I have. 

Hard? .....


Sweet Jesus has it ever been hard!

His grace..... A-MAZ-ING!!!!

To endure this battle I have had to put away my blazing sword ( mouth) while sitting on my hands, praying without ceasing and allow my Daddy God to charge the battlefield for me.
During this time I can see where he has used this time of  stillness to teach me, show me and graciously move me to a new level of forgiveness and love in my life. And in return have had the distinct pleasure of  not only learning this lesson for myself, but teaching my 17 year old daughter.

Joy Joy Joy!!.........( because teenagers know everything right? )

I don't pretend it has been easy, this season of sitting.

I will tell you that it has been one of many different lessons for me and my baby girl. We have had to go through this  together over the last several months, and together we have.  

I can say that I have been obedient for this battle, and that I can see where in certain aspects my daughter's eyes have been opened.

Thank you sweet baby Jesus!!!

In reality there are times when I want to be the one to justify the wrong that has been done to those I love, especially my children.

That is the same way our Daddy God feels about us, His children!!!

There are battles in our lives when He allows us to fight the fight, and then there are times when our Daddy God says, " Enough is Enough"  Be still I have this one!!!

It is through the stillness we learn to hear His voice, it is through the stillness are spirits are calm and our eyes are open. It is through the stillness we are taught true forgiveness and love. It is through the stillness we learn which battles are ours and which ones are His. 

I firmly believe that any battle He sends us out on , He is there with us. However I do believe that there are battles in our lives that HE alone goes forth and wins for us!!! 

Battles in life will come in all forms. They can manifest through illness, gossip, rumors, distorted truths, hurt feelings, judgment of ones circumstances, false accusations, jealously, lack of finances, jobs and the list can go on and on.

I encourage anyone that is going through a battle season in their life, Do not tremor nor wavier!!

Trust in Him and Him alone! No matter what the world says about you, to you or over you!
 Your daddy God is already there, fighting for you!

Be Still and know that HE is God!!



 * Quotes from Joyce Myer*

~ Have emotions, but dont' let your emotions have you.

~ Choose today to start living a life of forgiveness and refuse to be offended.

~ Forgiveness is a decision, not a feeling.


  1. Have emotions, but don't let your emotions have you. As a woman, I'm emotional and have had to learn this lesson the hard way many times. But now that I get it, I hope I can help my daughter with her own emotions. {cause boy is she gonna need it! :)} God knew I needed to get a grip, in order to teach my daughter

  2. I have had to learn that lesson all over again here recently and be an example to my 17 yr old daughter ( as we both know girls have HIGH emotions) By His grace we are overcomers!! :)



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