Oct 17, 2012

Stubbing that Toe...Guest blogging Encourage 365

Have you ever stubbed your toe? I mean really stub it to the point of tears?
I have and boy does it hurt!!!

My eyes swell up with tears, I am hopping around on one foot (like that’s going to take the pain away) and holding my toe while holding my breath.
Not a pretty site…….
But what about when we stub our tongue?  When we make a statement that is not so friendly or express our emotions with unkind words?

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I am so blessed Kelly allows me to be apart of Encourage 365. I encourage you all to hop over and take a peak....You will be blessed :) 

                                                 Much Love~


  1. Hi Stacey, commented over at Kelly's. God bless, one toe stubber to another :)

  2. Thank you my sweet friend! And did I mention I am honored to be a toe stubber with you?? :))

    Bless you Tracy!!


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