Feb 5, 2014

Loving or Shoving....

Mark 16:15
He said to them, " Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

Jesus command for us to go and preach the gospel.....
To proclaim the good news.....
To share the love of the Father....
To give hope to a dying world.

As the body of Christ are we sharing out of love?
Are we ministering to their hearts?
Are we helping to heal wounds?
Are we showing  grace in the midst of pain?

Or are we pushing them deeper into  darkness with our lack of compassion?
Our " I am right and you are wrong" syndromes.....
Our " I told you so" mentality.....
Do we bounce from grace to legalistic bondage??

Are we loving or shoving???

Jesus never bullied anyone into loving him......
He just simply loved them first.
He taught them with compassion....
He spoke to them with grace....
He showered them with mercy.
How beautiful is that??

I read this statement today from Women of Christ

The Gospel is an announcement not an argument. You share it, not shove it.

It made me think.......
As I go to share (preach) the gospel as instructed by Jesus.....
I want to always announce the Gospel,not argue.
I want to share it and what the Lord has done for me and through me.....
I want to reach out in compassion....
I want to extend grace.....
I want to love as He does.

I do not want to shove it...........
I never want it to be offensive to the hurting but instead a balm of Gilead to their wounds.....
I never want to push someone deeper into darkness and away from Christ.
I never want to humiliate them for their lack of knowledge but yet be a light of encouragement. 
I want my words to always be his words.....
My ways to be his ways......
My love to be a reflection of the Father.

Loving or Shoving..... The Gospel


                                                         2 Timothy 2:24-25
24 And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. 25 Opponents must be gently instructed, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth,

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  1. Stacey, this was such a wonderful reminder. I surely don't want to be guilty of turning someone off to the Gospel because I made the mistake of shoving it on them instead of sharing it with them with love. There is such power in our words and our actions. I want this too...
    "I want my words to always be his words.....
    My ways to be his ways......
    My love to be a reflection of the Father.

    Great message.

    Blessings to you and {Hugs}.

    1. Thank you Beth!! You encourage me daily by your words and your actions :)
      Blessings and Hugs to you!!

  2. These are some hard questions.. But good ones.. Great post

    1. Thank you Ren :)
      Blessings to you sweetie :)

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