Jun 11, 2012

Me & Empty Nest~

I am always going in 90 different directions, being a single mom tends to do that to you. ( Single Dads as well)

When I am alone in my car, that tends to be my thinking and praying time. No interruptions, just little ol' me and God~

This past weekend my daughter and I traveled to Ala for her teams softball conference, and they rocked I might add :)

                                                                      Go Baby!!!

I had my daughter and one of the other girls riding with me for the 6 1/2 hours . I truly enjoyed my time with them. The laughter, the talks, the singing and  for two days, our care free attitudes was by far a refreshing change of pace.

It was yesterday on our way home when the girls finally "crashed" from all the weekends excitement I had my "thinking time".  My mind would start in one direction and then race over to another only to find itself  totally in yet another  direction.

Geezzzzzz...slow down will ya?? ( that is what I had to tell my mind)

With both girls asleep in the car I was able to put on my "music" and begin my process of escape. But escape I did not. I looked over at my babygirl, realizing this is her last year with me and then it would be just me.......

Her last year of volleyball....

Last year of softball......

Last year of school dances....

( From what I am told she wants to fly further from the nest than momma anticipated )

I'm secretly thinking about clipping her wings.

 Shhhhh don't tell her :)

I have forgotten what it is like to be anyone other than a mom and that scares me ....

Sometimes I struggle trying to remember who I am as a woman.......


The thoughts of being single at this point in my life began to creep into my head , as long as I am busy with her I truly don't mind  nor really think about being single.

But what do I do after she is gone? Out on her own?? No longer a daily presence in our home??

Empty nest syndrome..... Bleh!!

Not a thought I was wanting to entertain for the long drive home.

Change my music.....

And......... the thoughts keep rolling~

I truly didn't understand where all my thoughts surfaced from during my drive, I have been truly content and happy with my life . I had gotten to the point I didn't mind being alone and loneliness wasn't an issue.

So why now??

I blame it on "Empty Nest Syndrome"  :)

Apparently I am starting to feel it already...


We all have times in our lives when we feel alone, some more than others.

 As the  thoughts of "alone" try to resurface, I am reminded once again that God in his unfailing love knows my heart, sees all and knows all, and is forever working behind the scenes for me.

Psalm 37: 4
Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

So as we enjoy our last summer before her senior year begins, step into her final year of high school and watch as she embarks upon a new chapter in her life, I will stand on the promises that my daddy God has spoke to me and I am believing that both my babies heart desires will be filled and runneth over in a way that only our loving God can do so.

 As for me, I know He has plans for me, love for me and a path with steps of amazement, ones I can't even imagine for the next part of my life.

After all,  empty nest syndrome doesn't last forever....Right? :)



  1. Hi Stacey - This can't be an easy thing. I'm sure as you lean on Him, He will fill your life with new and meaningful things. Its a new and exciting time for your daughters. But maybe for you too?
    God bless my new friend

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Your words of encouragement are always right on time!! Yes it is a exciting time for my girls and I am so proud and happy for them both. I do beleive with all my heart God has some wonderful things ahead for me :)
    Just a momma moment today :)
    Bless you my sweet friend!!

  3. My kids are 6,5, and almost 2, and I already dread the empty nest :( You get used to one thing, and things change... but change can be for the better. Big Hugs

  4. Good luck and enjoy every minute. We, at Grown&Flown, are a group of empty nest (or soon to be empty nest) parents so we understand exactly your sentiments!


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