Jun 6, 2012

She's Coming Home!!!!

I am counting the minutes, if not seconds when I can wrap my arms around my pride and joy, my sweet baby girl,my first born.....

Yes, Tori's deployment has been over for three weeks now, she has been state side back in Alaska, and I am so ready to see her back here in Cajun country... I am ready for her to be HOME!

 ( I know her Dad is too!!)

I can not even explain the joy I felt when I received my call that her deployment was over and she was coming home. It was many prayers answered.

I just need to squeezeeeee her face :)

So as Chelsea and I ,along with many of our family members continue to count the minutes until her plane lands , I am reminded of the promise God gave me when she left for Afghanistan.

" She is under my divine protection"

God's word never returns void, and he did bring my daughter home.

Standing on Psalm 91 for a year, I can see where she did indeed have his divine protection over her.

I will never know what she or any of our military go through during a deployment, nor will I ever pretend to know. But what I can say I do know.....

When God speaks to you, gives you a word ( a promise), you can rest assured it will come to pass.

Once again, His word NEVER returns void!!
While our final count down continues for her return trip home, I am grateful and blessed to be loved by a God that is true to his word and love for us, his children!

Thank you Sweet Jesus~

Welcome Home Tori!! We are so proud of you and love you 2 double!!

Oh did I mention, Tori's dad and I are now proud grand (dog) parents!!
Ava Jade will be joining Tori on her trip home!!

Introducing Miss Ava Jade!

Much love,

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  1. Aw Stacey!! What wonderful news!!!! I'm so happy for you and your family.


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