Jul 24, 2012

Pigtails and Pouting~

This picture actually had me laughing out loud. It reminded me of when my youngest daughter was this age.
(Looks alot like her)

She too could put on a pouty face that could make you laugh until you cried.
Chelsea was a sweet tempered babygirl and her "pouting" sessions were far and few, however when she had (had) enough, the arms would cross over her chest, checks blow up , lips puckered for days and.......
 the pouting began.

Why??.....Because Mommy said "No"

But whyyyyyyy mommyyyyy?????

Because Mommy said "No"
Of course I'd explain the reason behind my no to her.

It may have been no to a request for a snack and we were fixing to eat dinner.
It may have been to stay up and watch cartoons and it was her bedtime.

How many times do we put on our pouty face when our Daddy God tells us no?

Our whining voice comes out....." But Whyyyyy????


We bargain, we reason, and we justify............

I really want this job Lord.....
This is the perfect mate for me God......
I really love this house.........
This car is the right one for me, I just know it is.......

Our  answer is still "No"~

Isaiah 55:8-9

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.

For me this is the best explanation behind any "no" He will give me~

He sees the whole picture, where as we only see the here and now.

What we think is perfect for ourselves, God is saying NO, wait I have much better plans and blessings for you!

I have learned to keep my pouting pigtail face to a minimal and I am reminded that His ways are higher than mine.
( OK, so I don't wear the pig tails, but there are times I have been known to pout)

And for my babygirl, well she doesn't have the pigtail pouty face anymore, we have moved on to the teenager pout.
(the pleading and then the famous silent treatment )

Yayyyy  for all us parents with teenagers :)

~she is trying so hard not to laugh here~

She now bargains, pleads, and justifies her reasons,  ( like I have been known to do with God)however Momma can see the bigger picture just as my daddy God can for me, and I tell her to wait, the blessings our daddy God has far out weight what the world is offering~

Do you pout???  

Are your lips puckered up and cheeks looking like a blow fish?

Are you pleading your case as to why things need to go your way and now??

Or do you stand on God's word ( Isaiah 55:8-9) and wait for your daddy God to bless you?

I have chosen to take down my pigtails in life and rest my puckered pouting lips and wait on God.

And in the times I forget and my pouting begins it is then when I am reminded once again,

HIS ways are higher then mine~

Much love~


  1. I'm not quite as gentle when I pout with God. I stand with my hands on my hips and argue with Him. Sometimes, I wrestle with Him like Jacob did. I do end up submitting, which is a much better place.

  2. "Submitting"... I agree Brenda, much better place!! Thanks for your honest words :)


  3. Hi Stacey - its hard to realize that God says no because He knows best because He has the bigger picture, because He created us, because He knows us and what we need and don't need.... etc etc :) Great post again my friend. When i find it on facebook I will be reposting
    God bless

  4. nice post thanks for sharing i found your blog thrue other followers...looking for to visit more...blessings across the miles..

  5. Tracy~ I have never been one to accept a "No" ,however through God's grace I am learning!! :)
    Thank you for your wonderful encouragement!!!


  6. My Diary~
    I am so honored that you visited our blog!!! Thank you for your kind words and lok forward to many more visits from you!!

    Ps... Loved your blog, am now your newest follower!!



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