Sep 18, 2012

My Words and Thoughts~

It's  confession time for me........

But it must be done......

God has been dealing with me over the last week concerning my thoughts and words. After all our thoughts do become our words which in turn become actions.

I set my DVR last week to tape Joyce Myer's TV program. The other night I climbed in my bed with remote in hand, large coke in glass on my night stand, my favorite jammies on ready to hear a word from God.

It was my time to be renewed and refreshed.....

~Joy, Joy,Joy ~

What I didn't count on was the correction that was coming with it.
Ohhhhh Boyyyyy........

One of the first sentences I heard Pastor Joyce say........
 "Joyce you are saved, now let's work on getting your mouth saved too."
( God's word to her)

To praise God and then to curse man with the same mouth...Really Stacey??
I am now talking to myself, sitting up in my bed, looking at the TV with wide eyes, jaw dropped , and shaking my head.

My correction and conviction is now taking root. I can see where there are times my thoughts of frustration, anger and disappointment become words of harsh criticism,clipped tones and yes even judgment.
~Dear sweet Jesus~

I take in all that is said, re watch the program again, take notes and thank God for His grace and mercy over me.
I am now ready to conquer this HUGE stumbling block in my life.

But wait......
Here comes my test, the time to apply what I have learned.
I have had any and everything that can rub me the wrong way happen within a 48 hour span.
And here come my thoughts......
Negative, harsh, argumentative and unforgiving.
I am at war in on my own mind with those who I feel are incorrect.

I have orchestrated in my mind a play of sorts with the title of " Let me tell you what I think"
Ewwwww.....Not good~

So my daddy God reminds me again, this time through this wonderful place of blogger land.

I read a post written by Jan Christiansen "Taming the Tongue and Stinkin Thinkin"
 You can read  it from her guest post on Encourage 365

After reading such an encouraging amazing post I am ready to go again!!
No more "stinkin thinkin" for me!!
I will not allow the enemy to take over my mind with negative thoughts.
I will overcome this battle!!

Well, don't cha know another test comes right behind that one.....

I am in total disagreement with decisions made by a coach....
OK........ like I know what I am doing right?? I am a parent not a coach but the thoughts whirl through my mind like a hurricane.

And now the battlefield in my mind is in full force except this time I now share my thoughts with a friend........

My thoughts have now become my words......
My tongue is now "unbridled"

I am now disappointed in myself and my tongue.....
I sit on the edge of my bed and begin arguing with my mouth.....
I actually start another argument in my mind except this time it is with my tongue....
Crazy, I know..........

"Why must you voice those negative thoughts?"
You need to quit wagging that tongue when you become frustrated!!



James 3:5

Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark.

And yet my loving daddy God reminds me again....
 This morning I am back reading another amazing post.

"The Battlefield for our Thoughts" by Suzanne David Harden.
You can read it from her guest post on Encourage 365

To my amazement I see that I am not alone in this battle of  words and thoughts.I can see where there are others who they too, struggle in this area and I am encouraged by their testimonies that I can be an over comer in this area of my life.

And lastly, the icing on the cake came in an email this morning, one last reminder for me today that I can be an over comer.
"Set apart Living" by Gwen Smith with Girlfriends in God.

Our daddy God is so good and gracious.
Full of mercy and love that is unfailing and never ending.
I am so thankful that He continues to show me, His daughter, the correction and the conviction of my thoughts and tongue.
It is through learning and test taking that we all become more like Jesus and less of ourselves.

I encourage any one who is having a "battle of the mind", negative thoughts and words,  to read all the post I listed today. Use them as a source of encouragement and learning,knowing that you are not alone!!!

Much love~

James 3:9-10

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.


  1. Thank you Denise :)
    Blessings to you!!


  2. God has been dealing with me on this same issue. I am definitely going to take the time to read the posts you linked to. Excellent post!

  3. Thank You Erin! It seems we are never alone when we struggle in certain areas in life :))

    Blessings to you!


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