Feb 11, 2013

How Big Is Your Vision ????

This past weekend I was watching Pastor Joel Olsteen and he was talking about the vision we have for ourselves is what we will receive.

The smaller the vision, the smaller the outcome.....
The bigger the vision, the bigger the outcome.

He went on to share several visions he as well as his family have had over the years.....

His mom's healing from liver cancer.....Ms. Dodie has been 32 years cancer free :)
His dad for a building to seat a thousand people..... He had many new buildings over the years.
Joel and his wife for the Compaq center in Houston Texas......They were presented with the key by the mayor of Houston December 2003 after praying for 3 1/2 years.

He went on to share a story of a woman who had come down for prayer after her husband of several years had left.  Pastor Joel prayed for her, but to no avail his words of comfort could not stop her tears.......
She told him she believed she was too old, not pretty enough......
That no man would want her.
He told her to place a empty picture frame next to her bed and every day see herself in that frame, beautiful and with the man God had for her.
Three years later she was back at the alter, crying, but this time tears of joy as she introduced the man God had brought to her!!!
They were getting married the following weekend!!!

This sermon hit its mark with me.......
In a HUGE way!!!

God has been instructing our church as a whole and as individuals to paint our picture "BIG"
My "big" is too big for a picture frame next to my bed.....

I am choosing a cork board....a rather large one!!!
My vision goes beyond what my minds eye can see......
For all that the Lord has promised.....
I now see it 100 times bigger and more.

What does your vision look like???

Has our daddy God spoke to you of a ministry?
Do you see yourself reaching thousands or millions??
Are you believing God for a tiny place or a large place??
Maybe He has spoken to your heart about traveling??
Do you envision yourself just in surrounding areas or do you see yourself worldwide???

Have you been praying for your children to be restored back into the kingdom of God??
In doing so, have you stopped to pray for future spouses as well their future children???
Prayers for your children in a specific area in their life??
Do you see them victorious in just that area or many other areas??

Are you believing for a promotion at work??
See yourself sitting in that new desk.......
See the increase on your pay check stub!!!!
See yourself debit free!!!!

Is your vision BIG or small??????

I encourage you to see yourself BIG for God......
Allow Him to become BIG in you!!!
See your vision......
Believe in the promises God has made .......
Speak Gods words over every part of your life!!!

Do not put God in a box......
He is so much bigger than that!!!!! :)

Proverbs 29:18

King James Version (KJV)
18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Much Love,


  1. Hi Stacey, how small is this world? Seriously, I was walking through the lounge and stopped to listen to Joel Osteen sharing exactly that programme! Maybe God is trying to tell me something too. Great reminder to not limit God to our expectations
    God bless

  2. Amen Tracy!!! We tend to put God in a box and He is so much bigger than we can ever imagine :)

    God bless you!!

  3. I would need many frames by my bed!
    And one there would not be a frame big enough. . .that dream entails about 3000+ square feet of building to house many people!
    I know if it's the Lord's will, it will happen. . .in HIS timing.

    How sad for the ones who try to put God in a box...He's just TOO big for that! AND I'm so glad He is:)

  4. Greta post! Stacey I heard a sermon like that recently. GOD is telling us just how big He is. We just have to listen!


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