Nov 21, 2011


As the holiday season approaches, I find myself thinking of all the things and people I do have in my life instead of what I don't have. I know that I have many reasons to thankful. I am thankful that even though my daughter, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, cannot be home with us for the holidays, she is alive and thriving to be the leader God has called her to be. My daughter, SPC Tori Parker, is a blessing like no other. She has a smile that can light up ten rooms. Her laughter is contagious in it's own right. Her beauty is one of a kind.  It seems so surreal at times to see that the beautiful baby girl God blessed me with, to protect, nurture, shape and mold, is now protecting me and our country. 

I then see where I am blessed again with my baby girl. She is my fearless beauty who will challenge any situation she feels is wrong.  She will stand for the underdog no matter what it will cost her. She is tough and tenderhearted all at the same time. She is real to the very core of the word. Chelsea Danielle is my miracle birth.

Once again I am thankful that the Lord has allowed me to be mom to these two beautifully made young ladies. I see their flaws as building characters, I see their disappointments as learning processes, and I see their hurts, joys, pains and happiness as a priceless piece of art work that no other could afford but me, their mom. 

 So as the holidays approach, I am reminded , no matter how hard things in the natural may look, no matter what my bank account tells me, no matter the little we may have in the natural, My true blessings here on earth are the two beautiful baby girls the Lord blessed and trusted me with. 

So many of us during this time of year look to what we don't have, what we can't buy, what we lack in material and financial needs. I see a solider that is over seas away from her family, fighting for our country. I see a teenager on the brink of young adulthood learning how to make it in a world that doesn't want God to be apart of it and then I see how complete my life is that I have them in my life. They are apart of me that can never be replaced and for that I am thankful. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and I bet if for one minute you stop and think about it, you to will remember what you do have and not what you don't!

  Much Love, 

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