Dec 6, 2011

Boot Camp

In the military, before becoming a trained solider, civilians must go through the militaries boot camp. They must be broke down from civilian life styles to be re shaped and molded to become a fully trained solider. Their thought process must be re shaped as well as their physical abilities. They must be able to think and process as a warrior. The same goes for all warriors in Christ. When we begin God’s “boot camp” he begins to have us die to our flesh. Just as it is painful for those enlisted in the military, it is for us in the spirit to be re trained.
The military starts their training with a strict eating regiment.  For 12 weeks there is no sugar in their diets. They have a grueling physical training as well as mental. I can’t imagine the “shock” these men and women go into by this strict training. However without it they would not be prepared to do their jobs to serve and protect.  The same goes for warriors in God’s army. Unless we have been stripped of our worldly ways and equipped with Godly thinking, we cannot do our job effectively for the kingdom of Christ.
Endurance is a must in the army or any military branch. To endure is defined in Webster’s Dictionary “to remain firm under suffering or misfortune without yielding” (though it is difficult, we must endure)
Another definition given is “to undergo (as a hardship) especially without giving in. “

We as warriors in Christ must endure at times “hardships” to get to the place God is calling us to be.  There may be circumstances that God allows in our lives to come forth to produce endurance in our walk as well as strengthen our faith to a higher level. For those in the military they have to learn to become one unit, to trust their “battle buddies” with their lives. God wants us, his children, and his warriors, to trust him with everything in our lives, from our relationships, our finances, our loved ones, our homes, our jobs.   He is more than just a “battle buddy” for us. He is our commander, our drill sergeant, our lieutenant, and our battle buddy. He wants us to be one unit with HIM. Even though I know that going through the process of God’s boot camp is necessary to move forward in my walk with him, there are times when I truly do not like where I am at. I know in my heart the outcome from all this training is going to make me a stronger warrior for Christ. However in the natural, my mind, there are days I want to scream and fuss and just tell my loving Father “Enough Please!!” There are days when I just look up to the heavens and ask “Haven’t I had enough training?”  When is this training going to be over?”  However unlike the military, our spiritual boot camp is not a set 12 week period. Our loving Father is always correcting, re shaping and molding us to new and higher levels as his warriors. With every Godly promotion a new level of training comes our way. Some may be easy and some may be what we see as the hardest thing to ever walk through. So as I continue to march through my Godly boot camp I stand on Ephesians 6:10 “Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power”

And when I need to have a little comfort from a hard day of training I remember

 Psalm 138:2

 2 I bow before your holy Temple as I worship.
      I praise your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness;
   for your promises are backed
      by all the honor of your name

And then I get ready for my next training session to begin!

Much Love~

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