Mar 23, 2012

A canister of Coffee~

She is a mom....

She is a sister...

She is a friend....

She is a new grandmother....

She is a beautiful person inside and out.....

She is God's child....

And she is now un employed.

After 15 years of service the unexpected happened and this beautiful, hard working single mom, friend, grandmother, sister and child of God is faced with no income.

She has pounded the pavements in search of a new job. She is in the library daily searching the Internet with hope that any job would surface.

She opens the pantry and the groceries are limited. There is no more cable TV,no Internet service as she cuts back her monthly expenses.

She prays, she sings, she smiles, she laughs, she goes to bible study and encourages others in their daily lives.
She hopes and believes that God is working on her behalf.

She continues her race without fail. She knows that in spite of her natural surroundings,her daddy God is there with her. She believes that he is bringing her up and out of this situation.

No she doesn't lay in bed all day in her PJ's having herself a pity party. ( I know she has probably had her days of tears as we all would)

She gets up every morning, she gets dressed, she applies  her make-up,drinks her coffee and puts a smile on her face as she begins another day of job searching. She is continuing her race.

She prays for those that have scorned her, she prays for those who are by her side. She prays for those suffering in sickness, she prays for those in need.

She continues to praise His name and give thanks!

I was able to chat with her this morning. During this time I could hear in her voice a woman that is one step at a time over coming her circumstances. A woman that , in the natural,  can't pay her bills this week,doesn't have a lick of food in her house and I actually could hear her smiling through the phone. I know that she is having a hard time. We spoke briefly on what bills were due and then she began to tell me how wonderful service was the night before. She spoke of God's grace and love. She spoke of how great praise and worship was. She spoke of how her baby brother went to church with her and how happy she was for his healing.

This woman who prayed with her employees every day, this momma who has stood for her children in every circumstance, this friend and sister who will drop everything to be there for those she loves and those she doesn't know in times of need has shown me once again the power of God.

She has allowed those around her to see her strength through Christ. She has shown that no matter what she will continue to stand on God's word and what the enemy has meant for evil, GOD will turn to good.
She is a walking testimony of God's love, mercy and grace.

This morning she went to make coffee and realized she had none. She prayed for coffee. A simple request. One that some may find silly, however we Cajun's love our coffee and for us our coffee along with prayer is the start of all our days. God answered her small, yet simple prayer and her neighbor knocked on her door this morning with a canister of coffee.

It was a answered prayer.

Now for those who are wondering why make such a big deal out of coffee when there is no income

Bills are unpaid, food limited in the pantry.....

If our daddy God will provide his precious daughter a pot of coffee, how much more do you think he will provide?

No she hasn't found a job yet, and the pantry as of this minute is still bare. Her bills this week are not paid, but she continues to stand and believe for God's provision for her and her family's needs.

Philippians 4:19
And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

Just as he provided her with her much desired pot of coffee to begin her day of job hunting, HE will provide for all her needs.

I was actually on the phone with her when her coffee was delivered. Her first words were "Praise you Jesus"
I just asked him for some coffee!!!

For those who are struggling,I encourage you to stand on God's words. Don't lose hope. Do not grow weary and faint!! God is working on your behalf and he will provide for you from the smallest request to the biggest!

He has your "canister of coffee" and  so much more!

Much love~

* Permission given by Penny to share her story*

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