Mar 25, 2012

Fresh Manna~

Early morning sunlight streaming onto blades of grass......

Dew so softly resting upon each one.....

Maybe a slow breeze blowing,while birds begin to sing morning glory to all....

God's creations painting a picture of hope, love ,and victory as we begin our day.

This morning as I made my much needed coffee run, and Diana's Dr Pepper run, as I backed out of her drive way to head home,I noticed her front yard.

Her freshly cut yard looked beautiful as the sun poured over it with it's warm rays,showing the fresh dew glistening it the early morning sunshine.It was a perfect sight to my eyes as well as my spirit.

I sat there for a few minutes watching the sun light dance off the dew drops ,slowly smiling as the Holy Spirit gently spoke to me two words....." Fresh Manna"

As a smile began to lift across my face, I knew in my spirit what my daddy God was showing me.

My excitement was overwhelming! I couldn't wait to call Diana and tell her. As I pulled off her street, I called her and gave her the two words He spoke to me. "Fresh Manna"

Exodus 16:4 
Then the Lord said to Moses, " Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you."

John 6:31 
"Our fathers ate manna in the desert; as it is written, He gave the bread from heaven to eat."

Just as God provided for Moses and the children of Israel in the wilderness when he brought them out of Egypt, He is providing for us in our " wilderness"

The Lord has seen his children held captive for lack of  finances.

He has seen his children held captive in relationships that are not "equally yoked".

There are some that are held captive by jobs.....

By health issues...

By strife....

By division.....

By religious bondage...

And the list can go on and on.

However just as he provided bread in the wilderness to feed the children of Israel, He is ready to rain down more bread from heaven for us, his children.

In other words....."FRESH MANNA"

The restoration of families,once torn apart....

Physical healing for those who's bodies have been struck from every aspect of illness...

Children that have left their walk on the narrow path, to run the wide path....( He is bringing them back to the path he created for them)

For division to be no more, and ALL of God's children to stand together as a strong united front against all the enemies schemes and tactics.

He is making provision for the body of Christ to reach all the lost.

He is opening the flood gates of heaven and "raining" his glorious bread from heaven.

Our "Fresh Manna"

I encourage you all to look outside your wilderness.

To look to the "blades" of grass and see the dew.

Open your eyes and see your daddy Gods' "Fresh Manna"

For he is bringing each one of us out of our own "Egypt".

As he rains his new bread from heaven to us all,  He is bringing each and every one of his children into their promise land.....

The one he designed for you!!!!

Much love~


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