Jun 21, 2012

Closed Doors~

In the past I could not see when God shut a door in my life.

OK maybe I just didn't want to see it as a "shut" door.....

Alright, honestly I chose NOT to see it as a shut door.

I would turn the knob, pull, push shake and sometime take a crow bar to it.
I was determined to re-open that door.

Disillusion much?? Oh yeah and then some.


And some did re-open, only to find out much later down the road, it was so not the door for me....

Here is the kicker .......
When things went south, through my hurt feelings, humiliation, and broken heart I was angry with God.
Yes, I said it....I was angry with God!

(Don't worry, God is a big boy and can handle me and my anger)

It is mind boggling to me how a person (me) can fault God for our (my) choices, but we (I) do as we are human and allow our fleshly emotions to over take our spiritual wisdom.

Through our need of wanting things in the "now" and not waiting on God is when the shut doors are so appealing. It's the "I can make it happen" feelings that take us off the path God has set us on and brings us to a path of self destruction.

Self Destruction ......Emotionally, physically, and spiritually, all because we re opened a door that should have never been open to begin with.

In essence we are sacrificing our self worth, self respect, dignity and relationship with our daddy God.
Whether I pushed, kicked, or pried the door open, walked, ran skipped or jumped through it,
it was not a door I was  to open.

Once again I was not seeking God, I was seeking me......

The positive that came from all the negative,I now can see when God is closing a door.

I can see his hand reaching for mine, and leading me away from the door He is closing.
I can hear his voice softly telling me " Not this door daughter"
Oh I can still get frustrated and give Him  "my" reasons why I want what is behind that door, however because He loves me so much, He continues to hold out his hand for me, his daughter.
He may shut the door, but He will never take away his hand~

I encourage anyone that has had a door shut in their lives, keep walking.
The door God has for you is far better than any door we believe to be right ~

Much love~

Psalm 34:10
"The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."


  1. Very true. We get so mad at God when 'our' ideas don't happen... that's like when my kids get mad at me for not letting them go swimming.. when I NEVER intended on letting them go in the first place (they came up with it themselves). Why get mad at me, for something you thought up? God must feel the same way.


  2. Hi Stacey - I have forced a door or two in the past. Sooo not a good idea. Eventually, my hubby and I decided to in faith accept a 'no' as God knowing better than we do (no kidding?) It is amazing how much easier it is to live life that way. Of course, its a lesson I need to learn over and over but less as I get older thank goodness. I love this post so much I am adding it to my list of favourites.
    God bless

  3. Hi ladies~
    Thank you both for such encouraging comments. I am truly blessed to have you both has my greatest "blogger" friends!!

    Bless you both!!

  4. Very beautiful, and encouraging post. Be blessed.

  5. Brilliant and helpful post! Thank you for sharing.


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