Jun 19, 2012

I will not grow weary.....

I will not grow weary....I will not grow weary....I will NOT grow weary...

These are the words I repeat over and over....

Every minute,every second.....


It's in the waiting I tend to go from one extreme to the other. It's in the waiting I find at times I am unbalanced.

I want the happy medium, the place where I see my natural circumstances but walk so strong in faith that I  see the other side before I even reach it.

I find that I stand strong in the beginning, push harder than I ever had before, run like no tomorrow......

And then it happens....

I allow my flesh to get weary and spill over to my spiritual....

So glad my daddy God understands me....... ~sigh~

Galatians 6:9 :

"So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up"

We all have walls to climb, hurdles to jump and mountains to conquer in life.

 I can remember when my youngest daughter ran track. There she was on the last leg of the race, her counter part hands her the baton , and off she goes. Her team was a little behind and it appeared they were going to place second, however when she turned the corner, there we moms were, yelling and cheering her on.

"Kick it up!" .......

"Turn it on Chels!!"

"Push hard Chels, You got this!!"

And many, many more cheers came from the stands.

She was tired, this was her fourth event, and she had grown "weary". However with arms pumping, legs pushing, and a look of victory on her face, she pushed her way to the finish line and her team took first place!

She and the rest of her team conquered their mountain on that track that day.

Whether our mountain is a financial crisis, healing for a loved one, restoration for a relationship, our children walking a path not intended for them, a job, a spouse, a new project, a new season, or a new ministry.

Do not grow weary....Do no give up!!!

Time for us all to "Kick it up!!"

Our blessings  and break through are coming, God's word tells us to continue to do good....("Press in and press forward") We will reap a harvest  of blessings :)

As I remind myself to continue to press in and not grow weary, I encourage you all to continue to push, climb, run, jump, or walk to get to your intend blessing your Daddy God has waiting.

It's there, and has your name written all over it :)

Much love~


  1. Very much needed, Stacey. Thanks so much! :)

  2. I needed to read this too! Thank you for the encouragement. I go from one extreme to the next as well, pushing hard one minute then tired and weary the next, I wish I could stay balanced from beginning to end :) So glad He understands me too


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