Aug 16, 2012

" I am Standing for My Son"

I rarely put videos' in a post. Yesterday I was watching this one and I heard God's voice, after I finished wiping away the gallons of tears from my face, speak softly to my heart.
The young man in the video is the back up kicker. He was not the one the coach would ordinarily  pick to kick the winning field goal in a state championship game. He was smaller than the other boys, weaker in stature, and did not have the punch to kick a long range field goal.
Modern day "David and Goliath"
The coach tells him all things are possible with God. He tells him "I need you" ...........
So here the coach sent "David" on the field to face the "Giants" for a 51 yard field goal........
How many times in life has God called you to do something out of your comfort zone? 
When He has requested you to stand on his field and kick a field goal?
Maybe he called you to teach a class.......
Preach a sermon.......
Write a book.........
Lead a youth group or community group.........
Start a blog site ( or add another one to your resume' of blogs).......
Change jobs..........
Maybe He has asked you to move to another city, or state........
And the whole time He is speaking His requests, telling you He needs you........
You are in such disbelief that He would actually call on you,  you argue with Him that you can't do it................
You begin to tell him how small you are, inadequate to complete the job, you get nervous and explain to him that you have never done anything like that before.
 ( like he already doesn't know that)
You tell Him "your" limitations..........
It's too much God....
It's too hard God.....
It's too far.......
It's impossible........
The whole time He is needing you to "kick" that  51 yard field goal and you can't see it happening.
In the natural we allow our circumstances to prove what we can and can not do.
But God tells us " All things are possible through Christ Jesus"
Just as Davids father stood behind the goal posts to show his son all things are possible,
Our daddy God stands for us!!!!
I encourage you all.......take that first step~
Give it your best and your daddy God will do the rest!!
Much Love~

Matthew 19:26

26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
* Video from  Facing the Giants*


  1. Hi Stacey - great encouragement my friend. Take that first step in faith and watch God work...
    God bless

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  3. Appreciate you sharing. Blessings.

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