Oct 26, 2012

Friday Annoucenment....New Blog on the Block!

Well it is official and a tad bit scary :)

I have started another blog. Which means there will will two on my resume' on blogging.
Yikes!! :))

God placed this on my heart several months ago and I have been sitting on it. I wanted to make sure it was God calling me and not me .....
In reality I knew it was God as I would have never though to start another one.

So here it is gals....this one is for you. ( guys you are welcome to pop in as well)

"She Stands" posted it's first blog post today!!!

She Stands will feature several ladies on a regular bases sharing their stories in life.
Times when they have stood for family, friends, loved ones and even those they may have never met.

I, along with my "She Stands" gals will share how God has upheld us all during trying times in life.

I hope you all will pop over for a visit and witness how God is moving in so many lives and how He can and will move in yours!!!

Please keep me in your prayers as I take this next step of faith God has called me to do :)

Much love~

Click here for She Stands


  1. Hi Stacey - I am so excited for all the great encouragement that will be found on your new blog. I pray God richly blesses both that blog and this as you seek to encourage and uplift others.
    God bless lovely lady

  2. Congratulations on another blog! Wow, I can hardly do one, let alone two, you go girl! :)

    Thank you for your sweet, sweet words at my place today, you have blessed me big time:)

    Blessings to you~

  3. Ahhhh thank you Tracy for standing with me!! You are a blessing to me!!

    Krisitn, thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement! You too have blessed me!!I must admit I am a little nervous but with God all things are possible :))

    Blessings to you both!!


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