Oct 30, 2012

God's Grace in the midst of our children~

Most of you know this is my baby girl,Chelsea. This handsome young man is her boyfriend Jared.
I took this picture over the weekend as it was their homecoming dance.

Their last high school homecoming dance,as they both are seniors....

It is one of the many "last" moments for them both as this chapter of their lives is coming to an end and a new one begins.
As a parent we all wonder.....
Have I prepared my child enough for this world?
Have I taught her/him all they will need?
Have I shown love the way the Father shows his love?

Is the foundation I laid strong enough for them to be success???
And the list goes on.

It can be hard as a parent to watch your precious child as they are getting ready to launch from the nest.
This is my second go around and it's no easier.
As exciting as it is to watch, there are times when I just want to clip her wings :))

Over the last year and here recently I have witnessed God's beautiful grace in these two.
I have witnessed obedience and honor as circumstances and situations have presented themselves in such a way that claiming them a bump in the road would be an understatement.

I have watched them fall and get back up...as we all do in life.
Yes I have learned what battles to fight and what battles are hers alone.
Did I mention I'd like to clip her wings? :))

Their growing pains have not come easy,but they have come with grace...God's Grace~

My daddy God has shown me that as His child, he too has had to allow me to fly (free will) and make my choices.

God's word tell us in Proverbs....

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Train a child........
To do so, we as parents love,provide,correct and bless our children
We plant seeds, Godly seeds,His word in their hearts for a harvest to blossom.
We nurture and groom them to be the best they can be in this life.
To give unto others.....
To love as our daddy God loves us!!!

I continue to have more conversations with my daddy God in this exciting,bittersweet time in my daughter's life.
I ask Him what am I to do when she has times of trouble, or makes decisions that may not be in her best interest??
Yes I know to pray, but I haven't always been the one to take care of things for her??

My response.........

Proverbs 11:21

21 Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.

I am a righteous child of the most high God and she is my seed!!
She will be delivered!!

And that old saying came to mind.....

" Let go and Let God"

"OK Lord I am hearing you " I tell him.

So where is God's grace in the midst of our children??
When you watch the renewing of their minds....
When you see Godly love pour out and into others.....
 When you watch them turn the other check and extend forgiveness......
 And when the bumps in the road come....They take them with courage,and strength!!

Oh she will still having growing pains as we well do....
Mistakes will be made....
She will have her fair share of falling down in life......
BUT...yes there is a but.....

Her seeds (and Jared's too) are blooming!!
They both know who to lean on,who to call on in life, and who will pick them up.
They both know the love of their parents, but most importantly they know the love of the Father.
They have witnessed His grace and unconditionally love.

I can see a harvest, a rich harvest in both their lives.
( I am claiming mighty things in both their lives for the kingdom of God)

Our job for this portion of their lives is coming to a cross road.
I will still give correction, guidance, and love.
There will still be boundaries and accountability.....

But I will not clip her wings......
I have given her roots and wings and God has given her HIS grace.....
I know she will be successful and reach those God has called her to reach.

Why?? Because my daddy God says so!!!

Much love~

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