Dec 11, 2012

The Need of Friendship.... Featuring Brenda Yoder

Friendships have taken on different meanings as I’ve journeyed through life.  As a child and teen, the friends in my neighborhood made up my world.  We were an eclectic bunch, much like the Breakfast Club of Smalltown USA in the 1980’s.  We didn’t all agree on morality, religion, or politics, but even today we respect and love each other in our own way.  There is strength in growing up being respected for who you are.
As a young parent, my friendships revolved other stay-at-home moms.  We raised our kids together, shopped together, spent hours at McDonald Playlands together, went to bible studies, made homemade applesauce, and were exhausted together.  Different paths in life have brought many of us to different churches, schools, jobs, and stages with our own families as we have entered the parenting stage of family life.  But when tragedy or celebration strikes, each one of us picks up the phone, drives a child to practice, or sits and cries with each other if needed.  A sisterhood of sorts woven together by snotty noses, sports jerseys, and caps and gowns...............
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