Jul 14, 2014

Heart Kept Open

A human heart was made to love and hold love.....
Over flowing, abundant love.
Love that has no measure or boundaries. 
It was created to be our very life line for all our emotions.

But what happens when this amazing, incredible, indescribable creation breaks??
A heart can be broken in many ways.
It breaks with words spoken or unspoken......
With actions that are aimed to pierce it's core......
It can be broken intentionally and un-intentionally.

As strong as this living organ was made to be for the human body to function it is also just as fragile and delicate as it is strong.
It seems when hurt and brokenness invades the heart, the first thing it wants to do is shut down......
Lock it's door and relive the pain that has filled it's every space.
Maybe this is the hearts way of healing in the natural........
Maybe it's a defense to keep any other injuries from happening. ...... 
Or maybe it's just a way to ignore the pain that sometimes happens in life.

Whatever the reasons maybe, the truth is, a closed heart is not a healthy heart.
A closed heart hardens and will prevent any true healing from taking place.
A closed heart not only shuts out others in our life, but it also keeps out the healing presence of our daddy God. 

Psalm 147:3
" He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds" 

Having a broken heart or becoming broken at some point is life......
Circumstances and situations will happen.
It's what we choose to do when they do occur. 

We can choose to live within the chambers of a harden heart that over time will callous and become jaded........
 Or we can choose to allow the power of God's healing touch to melt away the pain, bind our wounds and restore our heart. 

 I had a precious friend once tell me no matter what heartaches I experience in life to keep my heart open or I would miss out on the beauty my daddy God has for my ashes. 

It's OK to mourn our losses in life......

That's part of healing.
But to heal and learn, we must choose to keep our hearts open......
 And trust that our daddy God has something wonderful waiting around the corner. 
Don't let the brokenness in life steal the goodness of love.

Heart kept open.....


Psalm 73:26
" My flesh and my heart fall: But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."


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