Sep 8, 2014

Lost & Found

Getting lost is not a good feeling.
I know, as my sense of direction is not the greatest. 
Over the years is has gotten better.
But it's still nothing to brag about. 

I can handle getting lost when I am traveling, after all I have a GPS and a cell phone. 
Thank God for modern technology right?
 It's  when I feel lost in life I get very uncomfortable. 
When I can't see the next step in front of me.....
When I don't know what turn to take.

Over the past few months my directional "lost in life" feeling has been a little over whelming at times. 
I felt as though out of no where the bottom had fallen out.  
In reality the bottom has not literally fallen out, the course of my life has changed.
It has become uncharted territory....
An unknown path without any explanations, direction or visual capacity.
At least that is how I felt. 
In reality, we truly are not lost. 
 There are times when our daddy God will change our direction without telling us the reason why. 
He will shift our course unexpectedly.
And   some times drastically. 
He may have us walk through a dry dessert.....
(He wants us to thirst for him)
Over rocky terrain....
( He wants us to hold on to his hand)
Or down the shores of the sea of loneliness. 
(He wants our hearts to long for him first)
Whatever the course..........
It's all for a purpose.
His purpose.....
A purpose that is overflowing with more love and blessings than we can ever comprehend. 

I am learning when my course in life changes and he is quite, He wants me to trust where he is leading me no matter the direction  I am to walk. 
He is teaching me to be led without doubting the steps of my journey......
Without doubting him.
To trust in Him and his plan for my life. 
To believe in the destination he has for me.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, 
And lean not to your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge him,
And he shall direct your paths. 

There are days I may feel lost but the reality is, I have already been found in Him!
Should you be feeling lost, remember he has already found you.
Trust Him. 

~Lost and Found~


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