Sep 15, 2014

Pull Those Boot Straps Up and Keep Walking!

Being raised in a one parent home, we didn't have the luxury of laying down in life per say.
My mom, having to support and raise three children on her own,  went to work no matter her circumstances. She pressed in and pressed forward.
We, my sister and brother, had to go to school unless we were extremely ill.
My mom is the one who taught me in life the meaning of " pulling up my boots straps" and marching through life's adversities. I watched her go through so much as a single mom.
In turn when I became a mom and sadly became a single mom after my divorce, I taught my girls to keep pressing in as well.

My girls, when sick ,would miss school only if I threatened them within an inch of their little lives and lock them in their rooms. they were determined no matter how bad they felt, or how high the fever they ran, they were going to school.
( Ok I really did not lock them away nor threaten their lives, but you get my point)
They watched me, just as I watched my mom,  go to work no matter what and they too pulled their boot straps up and marched through the bad days.
But how do we keep marching when life continues to knock us down??
When one thing after another happens??
When we continue and choose to live in our past circumstances?
The old hurts....
The pain of days long ago.........
When we have allowed what happened  before to remain in the possibilities of tomorrow.
Our daddy God tells us in his word.......
Isaiah 43:18-19
“Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
                                                          See, I am doing a new thing!
                                                 Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
                                                           I am making a way in the desert
                                                           and streams in the wasteland.”

                                                                 2 Corinthians 5:17
                               Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:
                                                        The old has gone, the new is here!

I have through the course of my life been guilty when I have  allowed the old to taint the new in my life. When I really didn't care if I pushed through or not.
My mind set rested on the former things......
The hurtful things.......
The rejection I experienced...........
The pain that had enclosed me as well as my heart and soul into a jaded woman.

Emotionally I no longer was pulling myself up by my boot straps.
I was going through the motions of my life without truly living my life.
Sadly in the process I messed up a great deal in my life.
I lost good relationships in exchange for bad ones.
I lived in a state of unworthiness because I allowed rejection to cling to my every fiber.
I ran emotionally from any healing because I choose not to deal with my pain.

My boots no longer held the scars of an over comer.....
They were no longer marching into life's victories.....
They sat as a reminder of  who I could be and  who I once was.

By God's grace, the strong roots my mom planted and His unconditional love for me, I had others placed in my path that reminded me how to pull my boot straps back up.
A support system that never wavered.....  
Others to march with me through life's adversities no matter the cost.
I began to see growth in my life.
I began to have a new found hope.....
I saw love in a new light......
I choose to believe that everything I went through had and has a purpose........
A purpose of renewal.....
A purpose of restoring......
A purpose of better, bigger and brighter.....
To be a testimony for others who struggle....
To be a witness that our scars can turn to stars.

Psalm 34:19-20
Many are the afflictions of the righteous,
But the Lord delivers him out of them all.
He guards all his bones;
Not one of them is broken.

I am marching toward my goal regardless of circumstances and situations in life.
No matter how many times life throws me down....
No matter how painful at times....
Regardless how many times I am rejected in this life....
I choose to press in and press forward.

Pulling up my boots straps up and walking!!




 Philippians 3:14
, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus


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