Mar 26, 2015

Getting To The Root

I love yard work; cutting grass and planting flowers. 
I do not however like pulling weeds. 
There are some that are easy to remove....
One tug and they are up and out, root and all. 
But then there are those weeds whose roots are so deep and intertwined through out the dirt, it is almost impossible to get them and all of their roots out of the ground. 
These roots will take over, strangle and smother the good roots causing the pretty flowers to die. 

The same goes when we allow bad roots to grow within our hearts. 
The weeds of our hearts have many different names. 
They come in the form of anger, bitterness, rejection, unforgiveness, jealousy, malice, prejudice, slander, gossip, selfishness and the list goes on. 
These roots will smother our peace, joy, happiness, love and grace. 
They will strangle our compassion and mercy. 
They will hold us hostage within the mire and muck of our inter being.
Slowly destroying our heart and souls.

I did not realize I had a particular root that has been holding me captive  from within. 
My root's name is un-forgiveness.
Strange, as I have never been one to hold a grudge. 
But never the less it is a reality, one that I must deal with. 

I will not get into the why and how's this root came to manifest deep inside of my heart.
I will not justify my reason's or emotions.
Two wrongs do not make a right and for my healing and peace I must take care of this root.
To move forward as my daddy God wants me to I must seek forgiveness from the other person for my forgiveness for them to be complete and my heart healed.
In the natural for me to ask to be forgiven (for not forgiving them) can taste like vinegar if I allow it to or I can remove this ugly root with the love of Christ and feel the peace of my daddy God as he fills the hole where this root resides. 

I heard my daddy God say to me " How can you show others to forgive past hurts if you yourself are not doing it?"

" Good question Lord" is my reply
And my answer........

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness

I am thankful he never leaves me where I am in life...
I am grateful for his constant love for me, a love that is unfailing and never ending. 
Correction with love allows us to grow.
And growing I am....

Today I choose forgiveness....
Today I choose to remove the root......
Today I choose the peace of my daddy God.

Getting to the Root.....



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