Apr 3, 2012

Notebook of Love~

My daughter, Chelsea and I love the movie "The Notebook". It is our all time favorite love story.

What girl doesn't love a love story  right?

To watch as these two teenagers meet and their love story unfold is precious to us both.

Their story has us laughing, crying, hoping and believing all at once.

We "love" this story.....

My daughter will watch this movie over and over again, with a smile on her face, tears in her eyes and a dream in her heart. She believes with all heart that a one true love is real.

I have watched her go through her first love, and just as the movie portrays, watch her heart break as it was removed from her life.

Of course all movies are scripted to end the way the writers want them to end. In real life our scripts do not always end the way we want them to.

Teenage years are suppose to be fun ....

They are suppose to be precious....

In reality they are a learning experience that can be at times confusing, hard and cruel.

They are molding and shaping periods....

They are joyful and amazingly wonderful......

They are care free times and responsibilities all rolled  into one......

It is the time in life when we are learning to walk into adult hood and still have boundaries of a child.

I have to be honest , there are times I wish she didn't have to experience a broken heart, a loss of a best friend, the loss of her first love. I feel sure there are many parents that feel the same way.

And I feel sure the old saying "and this too shall pass" comes to mind.

Regardless of the reasons behind the changes, to see your child's heart break is the most painful experience a parent can go through. As a parent we want to take all the pain away and make everything better with the snap of our fingers.

However there are times we can't fix it......

It is a road they must walk to grow and mature.... ( Once again here comes those growing pains)

I can't even count the times I have gone to the Lord in prayer for my baby girl's broken heart and asked him how many times has his heart broke over his children's heartaches.

I have found that every time one of my girls has a heart breaking experience in life my love and compassion for them does not come near the love and compassion our daddy God has for them, for us ALL!

Heart breaks can come from our own choices and mistakes, they can come from others who's choices and mistakes effect our lives.

Heart breaks can can in all forms. A loss of a job,  a death, a relationship, a pet, a family member. There are several heartbreaks one can go through, however God's word tells us

Psalm 147:3 " He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds."

Our loving Father heals our brokenness....

Our loving Father  mends our wounds better than any stitch or band aid.....

His healing ointment of love and compassion is better than any medicine we have in our medicine chest!\

Balm of Gilead~

Thank you sweet Jesus~

Do I believe in a fairy tale ending?

You bet~

I believe that Jesus is her one true love, as he heals her heart and binds her wounds, she will experience her fairy tale ending, one that has more joy than she can ever imagine.

One that will fill up many "notebooks" ..........

Our fairy tale ending may not be the one we have scripted in our minds as our daddy God has a script of his own for each and every one of his children .

So for you Chelsea, my precious fearless beauty,hold on to your fairy tale ending, as your daddy God is the author of your script and the love that will fill up your notebooks of life!!!

I encourage you all to look beyond the broken heart you may have and see your notebook filled with love that is ever lasting. 

A love that no one can take away....

The love of Jesus Christ!


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