Apr 16, 2012

Stressed...Desserts spelled backwards~

I have seen  that so many times posted on FB, emails, and even through text messages. However I can tell you that on days when my stress level has reached it's peaking point, I really haven't wanted to hear this "cute" little pick me up.

There have been  days when I have been so overwhelmed with my circumstances, the last thing I want to read is a cute pick me up.

Just keeping it real guys....

I don't pretend to be perfect....

I don't pretend that my life is always calm .....

I don't pretend that my smile on my face is always heartfelt ... You know the ol saying "fake it till you make it"

There are days when I want to run screaming and pulling my hair in all directions.

Is it a pretty sight?

Ummm, not so much.....

There are days when I am smothered by bills,as well as days when I go grocery shopping and literally feel as though I will pass out due to the high cost of food.

Are you feeling me yet?

For those of us who still have children living in our homes, who on a daily bases need lunch money, gas money, school fees, sporting event fees, the cost of proms and so many other cost our heads my feel like they are about to spin off our shoulders.

Like I said.....Just keeping it real.

I don't know about you, but I truly do not like having to tell my child that I can't afford a basic need. I am not speaking about extras as there are not many of those in my home. I am talking about basic life necessities.

I can remember someone once telling me, "Chocolate is every woman's stress relief"

Well if that was the case, I probably have eaten more chocolate in my life time to feed thousands of women and then some! :)

I love the old show " The Golden Girls" . These ladies always would solve their  problems by sitting around their table eating cheese cake. ( Cheese cake is by far one of my all time favorites)

And had I eaten chocolate or cheesecake every time I had a stressful moment in life, the term " Diabetic coma" comes to mind. 

The truth is we all have stressful moments, days or even weeks.

 We all experience season's of hardships.

How  we respond is how we make it through the stressful times.

I have learned that Jesus is my "chocolate"......

He is my "cheesecake" ......

He is my "desserts" in  life!

So before I reach for that piece of chocolate, I reach for Psalm 55:22.

Psalm 55:22

New International Version (NIV)
 22 Cast your cares on the LORD
   and he will sustain you;
he will never let
   the righteous be shaken

and before I slice that next piece of cheesecake, I take a slice of 1 Peter.

1 Peter 5:7

New International Version (NIV)
7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you

I allow Jesus and his promises to sustain me.

To carry me through a season of  hardships, a day of stress, or just a moment of feeling  overwhelmed.

In all my imperfections,  my daddy God is there, and has proven to be much better than any "dessert" I could possibly imagine!! :)

I encourage you all, no matter what your favorite desserts may be, a piece of  chocolate, a slice of cheesecake, cupcakes, or cherry pie, before you reach for it, reach for God's word first.

Once you have experienced Jesus as your "desserts" of life, No other can compare!!

Much love~

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