May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day~

Mother's Day Prayer

My mom, I love her
And that's why I pray
Not just today on this Mother's Day

But with each remembrance
Of the love she's expressed
My thankfulness to the Lord I've professed

For my life began
In a warm and safe place
Then grew more secure in Mom's tender embrace

When I was little
She taught me to crawl
Then to walk and run, and get up when I fall

Nurtured and cared for
She raised me to stand
Lifted, supported, by her loving hand

She believed in me
Inspired me to dream
Nothing was impossible for me, it seemed

It was her example
That pointed the way
To the life in Christ I know today

My mom, I love her
On this Mother's Day
She's the reason I'm taking this moment to pray

My mom, I love her
Let her know, dear Lord
Please bless her with the most abundant reward

--Mary Fairchild

Dedicated to my Mom. I couldn't be the woman and mom I am today it if wasn't for her!! I love you Mom!!

 I want to wish a very Happy Mother's day to all the mom's!

We all have such a wonderful, amazing,beautifully, and rewarding hard job. It is through God's grace and love we all walk with this great title.....

The title of "MOM"

Much Love~

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! your mom is beautiful. Mom's sacrifice so much for us don't they? And as a mom I know there is nothing I wouldn't do for my own.


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