May 8, 2012

The man with wings~

Have you ever had a day when all you wanted to do was just be in God's presence?  I mean face planted in the floor, stretched out, and totally crying out to him?? 

Just you and Hm alone....

Today seems to be that kind of day for me......

A day where all want is to be with Him and Him alone, no phone calls, no visiting, no TV.......Just me and God~

It's hard to do that when I have work to do, customers coming in, phones ringing,and  vendors that need to be paid. When I must be that "customer service" employee and all I want is some alone time with my "daddy" God, to hear His voice above all my daily noise and responsibilities.

As my feelings began to overtake me this morning, a customer came in and shared a story, God always seems to have something to say right when I need it. I decided to share it with you all as it was told to me.

* After the terrible storms had passed through Alabama, the search and rescue missions became recovery missions. Several of the search teams were out looking for those who did not make it through the storms,but there was a red cross volunteer and a man standing at a particular site point waiting. The gentleman is standing by a cooler and notices that his leg from the knee down turns extremely cold. ( It's very hot outside) He gently kicks the cooler and the top comes open. To his surprise and the red cross volunteer, a little girl 4 years old is in the cooler. They begin to question her and ask her if she is ok . She then tells them both, she knows her mommy and daddy are in heaven and that she is ok. They ask her how did she get into the cooler. She tells them " The man with wings put me in here and said someone would find me" 

The man with wings........

And my tears began to roll....

~Thank you sweet Jesus~

I have allowed that story to roll around in my heart and mind all morning. How many times through the storms in our lives has our daddy God placed us in a "cooler"??

His cooler....

His divine protection~

How many times has He sent someone to find us? Someone to come with an encouraging word, a physical or financial blessing to meet a need in our lives, or when he has someone stand in the gap in prayer when the battle is getting too much for us to stand alone.

A man with wings.......

Today as I yearn to be alone with God, my prayers are for every need to be meet.
For our daddy God in his wonderful unfailing love to lift us all up and place us all in the "cooler" of his divine protection, grace and mercy. For all to trust Him and Him alone, just as this precious baby girl did in the midst of the storm.

Much love~

* Story told by Mr. D Nichols*


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  1. What can I say. Thank you for sharing this.
    Blessings Gail


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