May 7, 2012

It Just So Happened......

So grateful that in January, after getting Matthew's abysmal report card, that I SO HAPPENED to be leaving for work when my boss called and gave me the day off. I felt a strong urge to go see the guidance counselor, which had never helped me before, but I did. He just shrugged his shoulders. ( literally). So I was about to leave and just SO HAPPENED to stop and talk the very nice receptionist, then asked her about homeschooling. She didn't have much information, but it SO HAPPENED that as I was speaking to her a woman walked in and overhearing our conversation, just SO HAPPENED to be there to withdraw her son so she could homeschool him. She gave me all the information I could have ever needed. I came home, researched and enrolled him the next day. I just SO HAPPENED to be at the right place at the exact right moment for God to give me the greatest answer to a much prayed prayer.
Things HAPPEN for a reason. When I followed that still small voice of the Lord, he answered in a mighty way! No more stress, Matthew is confident and happy and so am I. Even the smallest things in our life, God considers big, and just SO HAPPENS, he's always right on time!!! : )

Oh, and I failed to mention that Matthew finished his sophomore year with a 4.0 grade point average!!! My boy is now a officially a Junior in high school! Talk about a blessing!!!

God answered my prayer in a way I had never even considered. Which goes to show us, that what we can't see in the natural, he has already done in the supernatural. "His ways are higher than our ways, and his thoughts higher than our thoughts.."  I am very careful to not put God in a box. He will do what he says he will do even when I can't see any possible way. God is great like that! : )


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