May 14, 2012

Monday Morning Maddness~

After a very long weekend at the softball field, ( thirteen hours yesterday) and our team taking second place over all in the tournament, I wake up to a car that will not start.....


My dad sends one of the guys from the shop to help, my car starts, his breaks down....


We all get to work later than we had all hoped for, but we are here. Time to start work right?


My daughter calls from school, she MUST have her sports physical done today or she can not play volleyball next year.....

Did I mention my car will not start again......

Sweet Jesus help me~

My "Monday Morning March"  has become one huge rat race .

Lack of sleep, broken car, mom duties, employee duties ....and now the miracle worker, I am really not feeling it this morning.

Deep breath....


Lord help me please~

I call the doctor's office , get her an appointment  and by the grace of God my best friend in the entire world is home today. A call to her and she is off to grab my daughter and take her to her appointment. ( With a broken foot I might add )

Thank you Diana!!!!!

Car problem solved, as I just needed my battery replaced, and my daughter is now back at school with her physical complete,  had lunch with her Aunt D and a happy camper.

Me??.....still feeling the effects from all the commotion. I am not marching to a beat of joy, rather running in circles to the cymbles of chaos.


That is what I have had to tell myself.

Instead of looking at the chaos, I look to how God made a way for every issue this morning, Just as I was making my phone calls for help, He was sending out his "repair" man to me, his daughter.

My car repairs could have been much worse than a battery...

Thank you Jesus!

Diana could have been at work and unable to help get my daughter to her appointment.

Praise God!

Philippians 4:19

19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

He will meet all our needs, even if we are running in circles, He is still there making a way for us.

I am so grateful  he made a way for all my issues this morning, as well as a little embrassed for allowing myself  to submit to the stress of the situations.

I encourage you all, if you are running in a circle, STOP, and allow God to direct your path and show you the way out of the maddness and into his grace~

Much Love~



  1. What a good piece of advise. I'm taking it on board. Just surfing and found this post. A God moment.
    Blessings Gail

  2. Thank you Gail! Don't you just love "God" moments? :)



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