Nov 11, 2014

Power In Prayer

I once had a friend tell me to not pray for them and if I did not to tell them...
Ok, well that isn't going to happen....
I will respect the request to not tell them...
This girl paaaaa-rrraaaaayyyyysssss !
I believe strongly in the power of prayer....
I have seen what it does in my life as well as those I love and care for.
I will admit there are times when my prayers are not answered in the time frame I would like them to be, but never the less my prayers do get answered.
Just as there are times I tell my children to wait , so does our daddy God.

John 11:22
But even now I know that whatever you ask from God,
God will give you.

I have a few unanswered prayers in my life at the moment...
However I know within the depth of my soul they will be answered....
In His time and in His way.
However today I did get to see  prayers answered for some of my loved ones....
And that makes me one happy, happy, girl!!
To witness the move of God in the lives of others is amazing!
My( adopted) Uncle Jim had been searching and waiting for a job for several months...
He was told he was either over qualified or basically to old.
We have stood in prayer that  God would open the right doors for him.....
We believed that no matter how much lack in the natural, God was doing a super natural work behind the scenes.
This morning he called to tell me he and his beautiful wife both have been blessed with a dream job with an income far more than either ever would have expected.

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart

The truth is, the good Lord does and will give us the desire of our hearts and He does restore back to us those things which have been lost or stolen.
For what the enemy means for evil, God turns to good.
 Our job is to trust in HIS timing for our blessings to manifest.
His ways are always better, bigger and brighter than ours.
Whatever has been removed or taken from us, He will return back 10 fold.

Not only did He bless Uncle Jim with a job, but it was far better than anything he had applied for.  Our daddy God is good that way!!
I continue to pray for all my family and friends....
Even those who tell me not to.
I am a prayer warrior girl until the end.
Whether they see God working in their lives through prayer or not is between them and God....
 I know he is moving on their behalf and that keeps me standing in the gap for them.
No matter what you are asking for.....
No matter how long you have been waiting....
I encourage you to continue to pray and seek God.
Trust in Him.......
Do not give up ,your answer is coming....
 Just as Uncle Jim and Aunt Karyn's came to be,your blessing will manifest as well.
Power in Prayer

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